At Riveridge Produce Marketing, Inc., we’re located in the heart of 37,000 acres of apples in Michigan, the nation’s third-largest apple growing state.

And we’re industry leaders.  We’ve visited apple production areas in the U.S. and around the world to learn and implement leading-edge apple growing, storage, food safety and packing practices.

We have a 10-year vision to raise the bar on the Michigan apple industry.  And we make continuous improvement so that Riveridge apples are a superior eating experience for consumers, as well as a profitable, reliable category for our valued produce buyers.


Our packing plant and orchards are located near Sparta on Michigan’s famed “Fruit Ridge,” a swath of land elevated nearly 1000 feet above sea level.  Or in this case above the Great Lakes, the world’s largest body of fresh water.

On a clear day, some of our growers can see all the way to Lake Michigan.  Its natural irrigation, cool breezes and frost-mitigating effect provide an ideal climate that lets our growers produce 22 varieties of apples.

Riveridge’s apples are grown in 117 family-operated orchards on Fruit Ridge and 11 counties throughout Michigan’s Lower Peninsula.  Most of these farms are in the 4th, 5th and even 6th generation of being run by the same families.  Talk about experience!

Our experience combined with best practices observed at universities, orchards and packing houses around the world is a potent combination.

Flip through our family album of growers here.  You’ll see what we mean about experience and dedication to apples.

Riveridge Grower Families

Green Tree Orchards
J & J Orchards
Leo Dietrich and Sons
Rasch Family Orchards
Ridgeview Orchards
Riveridge Land Co.
Sunrise Orchards
Windy Ridge Orchards

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