Packing Apples – Your Way

Riveridge puts our customer’s needs first. Whether you’re selling apples to clientele of up-scale markets, dollar stores, large super-center groceries or members-only environments, we have the flexibility you need. We’re a custom packer and can package our apples in …

  • bags from 2 lbs. to 10 lbs.
  • clamshells
  • decorative ready-to-display cartons
  • decorative ready-to-display tri-wall bins
  • and ready-to-hand-stack trays.

We pack-to-order 24 apple varieties according to your specifications. Make Riveridge your single source.

Riveridge’s Juicing Apples Value PackRiveridge’s Juicing Apples Value Pack

The healthy, homemade juice trend is back in a big way!  Department stores, discount stores and grocery stores are all emphasizing home juicing machines and cookbooks.

Owners of those new juicing machines need a retail solution that provides large volumes of value-priced fruit to use in their new juicers.  Apples are very often the base ingredient in a juice mixture.

Riveridge has a 10-lb. Juicing Apples Value Pack.  This bag features six juicing recipes and a drawstring closure for your customers’ convenience.

We have several apple varieties suitable to fit in this juicing bag.

What a great way to provide your customers with a simple solution for feeding their healthy habits.

Riveridge’s Michigan Growers Selection ™ Hand-Selected Multi-Variety PackRiveridge’s Michigan Growers Selection™ Hand-Selected Multi-Variety Pack

Ever want to offer your shoppers more than one variety of apple?

Riveridge’s hand-packed Growers Selection™ pack includes some of Michigan’s best, most tasty and crisp apples – carefully nestled in a distinctive, stackable clamshell.

Buyers can select two apple varieties per clamshell, which are available in 2.25 lbs. and 4.25 lbs.  The Growers Selection™ pack evokes images of a farm market, and the no-touch package appeals to food safety-conscious consumers.

We’ll pack two varieties per clamshell – a pair of premium varieties like Honeycrisp and Ambrosia.  Or how about Jonagold and Cortland!

Opposites attract, making the sweet-and-tart pack of Jonathan and Gala a good choice.  We can also pack heirloom varieties like Northern Spy and Winesap.

The pack features the picture of a Michigan apple-growing family, along with a short story about them.

  • Photo and grower story are available for in-store signs emphasizing the family-farm roots of your apples.

Michigan Growers Selection™ Hand-Selected Multi-Variety Pack is ideal for families or anyone who wants more than one apple flavor!

Ships 8 clams in a Michigan Apple display-ready carton.

Riveridge’s Bake Your Own Apple Pie™ PackRiveridge’s Bake Your Own Apple Pie™ Pack

Fuel the power of suggestion!  Encourage aspiring bakers and Food Channel addicts to buy some of Michigan’s best baking apples packaged in Riveridge’s Bake Your Own Apple Pie™ clamshell.

Each Bake Your Own Apple Pie™ pack includes preferred-for-baking apples, a simple apple pie recipe (viewed by QR code or opening the lid at home), an outer recipe ingredients list and a re-usable clamshell to store a fresh-baked pie.

Easily stackable and great for building displays!  Cross-merchandise with spices, grocery ingredients and pie pans.

The Bake Your Own Apple Pie™ pack (x.xx lbs.) promotes an additional “ring” for wanna-be bakers of America’s most popular dessert:  Apple pie.

  • Over 50 percent of shoppers bake with apples at least once a year – usually from October to Christmas.

 This unique pack includes apples preferred for baking such as Jonagold, Gala, Idared and Rome.  (Talk to us about private label!)

Riveridge’s Bake Your Own Apple Pie™ Pack helps consumers select the best apples for a successful baking experience and provides a turn-key baking experience!

Ships 8 clams in a Michigan Apple carton.

Good and Sweet Apple Kids PackRiveridge’s Good ‘N’ Sweet KidFruit™ Pack

Encourage kid-healthy snacking with Riveridge’s Good ‘N’ Sweet KidFruit™ Pack clamshells of snack-sized apples.

Kid-oriented marketing sells in the produce department!  Parents like to say “yes” when children point out fresh fruit snacks.

Riveridge has sorted out some of the tastiest apples in a 138-count size, which works well for kid snacks and lunchbox treats.  We then packaged these sweet treats into a distinctive, touch-free clamshell with a cute elephant label.

A trunk-full of kid apple appeal!

Gala works especially well in a KidFruit pack, and is popular with the entire family.  Each 4.25 lb. clam contains 13-16 Michigan apples.

The easy-stacking Good ‘N’ Sweet KidFruit™ Pack works well on end caps, where it will be particularly noticeable to young shoppers.

Promote an additional “ring” in your apple category and help parents promote healthy snacking!

Ships 8 clams in a Michigan Apple carton.